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Exquisite Counterfeits by Carla Rossi @ LAVAPIU

The Third Unconscious 2022/2023

Exquisite Counterfeits an exhibition by Carla Rossi

8th February – 8th April 2023

curated by Celeste with a text by Augusto Fabio Cerqua

Carla Rossi presents an image taken from her most recent series: Exquisite Counterfeits (2022). This body of work, conceived during a period of study in Seoul, investigates the phenomenon of the so-called “ Selfie museum”, which began to appear in the South Korean capital city after the advent of social media.  The artist focuses the attention on the naturalistic backgrounds which characterise these ambients, revealing their sublime artificiality. By blurring the boundary between the digital and the physical world, Rossi explores social media influence on the desires and fantasies of a new generation of users. Carla adopts a transformative and fluid vision of beauty that refuses to conform to contemporary standards. The exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition publication featuring the pictures of the project and a text by Augusto Fabio Cerqua, published by Panopticon.

Exquisite Counterfeits by Carla Rossi. Exhibition views from LAVAPIU, Teramo 2023 © Celeste.