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A conversation between Andrea Croce and Heartbreaker

A conversation between Andrea Croce and Heartbreaker is a text published in occasion of  the exhibition How to wash your tail and get rid of stains by Alice Pilusi e Niccolò Pagni. AC: Hi dear, I’m really glad to see you again. How have...

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To desert the desert

a text by Franco “Bifo” Berardi, published to accompany the exhibition Let’s Destroy The Earth But Keep Humans! by Keith Farquhar at LAVAPIU, Teramo (Italy), July 2023. In the last issue of A/traverso, in June 1981, we published “The Crossing of the Desert.” It was...

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The concentration of circumference

The concentration of circumference a text by Celeste. Published in occasion of the exhibition Dress Code by Giuseppe De Mattia   The main character of a novel by Tiziano Scarpa from few years ago, Il brevetto del geco, is a thirty-nine-year-old artist from Milan,...

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