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Stefano Serretta @ LAVAPIU

LAVAPIU 2021/2022

Stefano Serretta lives and works in Milan.

Stefano works on the artifact, on the fetish, on the images that history produces and spits up, images transformed by the hyperbolas of politics. His investigation of the icon and images of history is always on going, focusing, in particular, on some phenomena generated by contemporary fundamentalisms. Stefano Serretta dedicates a significant part of his production to drawing, recreating the sociopolitical scenarios of the last twenty years in an acid and hallucinated imaginary. Stefano creates graphic-novel like works without dialogs, populated by characters in which physical and moral deformity coincides. Kipple spin-dryer is the title of the work presented for LAVAPIU. A figure in between adult and childish looks lies on the side. A transparent torso exposes a pipe going through the stomach, the oesophagus up until the mouth of the figure. Using the metaphor of the stomach pumping, Serretta reconnects to one of the first passage of Marx’s Capital, in which he defines goods as something that fulfils all human needs,“ whether they hail from the stomach or from imagination, it makes no difference ”.  The title “Kipple spin-dryer” is borrowed from a term used by Philip K. Dick in his novel “Do Androids dream about electric sheeps?” The Kipple repesents a useless object, scrap material intended to reproduce itself without control in the domestic space. << Kipple, unused objects like: mail, rubbish or empty match boxes or paper, or chewing gum’ tinfoil. When no one’s around the kipple reproduce itself. For instance if you go to sleep leaving the Kipple on the floor of your apartment, you’ll find twice as much when you’ll wake up. It grows constantly. No one can defeat the kipple, if not temporarily or in a specificlocation >>

Stefano Serretta. Exhibition view from LAVAPIU, Teramo 2022 © Celeste.