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Silvia Morin @ LAVAPIU

LAVAPIU 2021/2022

Silvia Morin (b. 1998) turns her own body into the mediumthrough which she stages women’s biographies that were interrupted by male violence. Morin’s “psychic” photographs are the final outcome of a process of empathic identification with her subject’s stories, that goes through a performative phase in which the use of clothes play a peculiar function. The artist does not use costumes, instead she draws from her own everyday: rather than setting up a cosmetic disguise, Morin creates in her images a paradoxical coincidence between her life and the life of those women by triggering an emotional and temporal confusion. Far from being real self-portrait or simple representation, Morin’s women are additional characters, not yet realised, that appear to be coming back for necessity, to affirm a pacification.

For LAVAPIU Morin presents a previously unreleased work dedicated to Lea Garofalo. Lea was a justice collaborator murdered in 2009 during an ambush by her ex-boyfriend, a member of the organised crime group Ndrangheta, in an apartment in Milan city centre. In 2013, the year when Lea Garofalo’s body was found, Morin partakes accidentally to her funeral.

Silvia Morin. Exhibition views from LAVAPIU, Teramo 2021 © Celeste.