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Maria Vittoria Cavazzana @ LAVAPIU

LAVAPIU 2021/2022

Maria Vittoria Cavazzana, b. 1993,  lives and works in Venezia.

The images I am presenting for LAVAPIU were constructed with personal pictures provided by two inhabitants of Teramo, Fabio and Silvia. I asked them to share with me images which were representative of their memories and somehow tied to their city and territory, giving them complete freedom on the subjects and on the dates of the images. As a result I collected a huge number of pictures spanning from the 40’s until today. My work consisted in comparing, cutting and glueing back up all those memories, until the outlines between each story started to blur. I let the images blend and used my sensibility to create new figures based on suggestions borrowed from the images’ contents such us: interiors, landscapes faces and bodies. My intention is to create a shared panorama of emotions in which we could all see our relatives, our friends, our childhood and distant memories which we only know from family’s pictures books. The images resulting from this process are unstable, moved by nostalgia and tenderness in an undefined moment in time; opening up to unrealised possibilities, parallel universes and future life.

Maria Vittoria Cavazzana. Exhibition views from LAVAPIU, Teramo 2022 © Celeste.